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Can't See the Forest for the Trees?

The Forest . . . full of life and peaceful places. It reminds us of the frontiers most of our ancestors had to clear in order to make homes as pioneers in new areas.

The Forest is also large and overwhelming when looked at from a genealogical viewpoint. Taken together, we all make up the forest and that is a good thing. We want to see the forest. But we want to get closer. We want to see the trees.

Family Trees

We want to see the trunks, branches and leaves of every tree that makes up the beautiful forest of our family. This site will focus on the many family trees that make up this particular forest. Feel free to browse and search and get to know us. Maybe we will even find that our paths cross in this Family Forest.

Enjoy and God bless!

Our Family Tree on the Internet:

Wold Connect on Rootsweb.com


Please Note: The Family Forest website is BRAND NEW, born on 29 Sep 2010. It will take much time to put all of the information I have gathered here.


Please check back periodically for updates.

Helpful Hints on using this site:

  • To keep the Family Pages concise, notes for family members are found on separate pages. If you are looking for more information on someone, check to see if their name is a link. If the name is a link and can be clicked, follow the link and you should find more information and documentation on that person.

  • When looking at the Family Pages, you should see every child born to a couple in their given generation. If someone born in that generation is repeated in the next generation, it is because they married and/or had children and the next generation is being introduced. If someone does not appear again in the next generation, it is either because they did not have children or nothing more is known about them.


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Some Names in This Forest

Annie Oakley

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